Why WSP?

If you ask our employees to describe WSP, words like commitment, passion, targeted, strong teams and problem solvers will appear. But also that we value a friendly culture without sharp elbows, that we are very thankful and very hearted.

Early career professionals

Join a talented team working on high-profile projects that resonate locally and internationally. Discover a culture that rewards dedication with support and encouragement while you explore a wide variety of opportunities that enable you to do meaningful, impactful work in your community.

Grow with WSP

With us, you can invest in an expert career in your area or commit to management and take responsibility for ever bigger and more complex projects. Some also choose a managerial career or develop on the market side.

A great deal of development for you as a consultant takes place in the assignments you participate in and the experiences you get along the way. But we also believe that continuous development and education is an important part of our success as a company and for you as an individual. As a WSP employee, you have access to a range of networks and programs, both in Sweden and abroad.