We accelerate together

Growspark is WSP accelerator program for startups who want to build solutions for a future where society can thrive. With this program, we create the conditions for meeting our customers' needs and deliver future ready solutions. Growspark is based on doing business together.

We offer a unique opportunity to innovative new companies, who are accepted to participate in the program, by opening the doors to some of the largest customers in our market. 

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Man och kvinna använder VR-glasögon för att innovera

WSP is a company with resources to create change on a large scale. We can create a foundation for larger business deals, unique partnerships and growth for innovative startup companies, all while creating customer and societal benefits. WSP also has an amazing network of innovators, both within the company and in our network who, with the right conditions, can help to make the world future ready and at the same time strengthen WSP’s offers. To create optimal conditions for innovation, WSP Sweden has developed the innovation program Growspark, which spans over all WSP's business areas.

Growspark offers a structured innovation process, tools and support to further develop customer needs and solutions for new, profitable business for WSP and its program partners. By focusing on business and customer benefits, Growspark is an accelerator and not an incubator.

Growspark has three tracks:


The startup track - Cooperation with innovative startup companies in the accelerator program


The intrapreneur track - Developing internal ideas for new business



Priorities for innovation 2020

With Growspark, WSP raises its ambition to lead the digitalization of the engineering industry. The program can be adapted in all our business areas, but it has some selected focus areas. During 2020, we will focus on innovations and collaborations with startups in the areas of design, energy, and infrastructure for water and sewer system.


Digitization and automation can contribute to lower labor costs, increased productivity and more consistent quality. Robot technology can change how we work. Artificial intelligence can enhance the user experience of various services as well as increase productivity and cost efficiency.

WSP wants to participate in, and drive the digitization of the engineering professional services. 


The energy system is becoming increasingly complex. Central solutions are combined with decentralized and consumers are becoming producers, so-called prosumers. WSP work broadly throughout the energy sector with the goal of contributing to cost-effective solutions for our customers and a long-term sustainable and future-proof energy system.


The challenges of the future with climate change and an increasing population, mean greater demand for different types of services in water supply, water and wastewater management and water treatment.

Apply to Growspark

We have an ongoing assessment of startups who want to be part of WSP's Venture Collaboration Program - Growspark. Apply to join Growspark today if you run a startup that is ready to meet a broader market and build the society of the future together with WSP!

To apply you need to be a  a registered company and you need to describe how a collaboration between you and WSP becomes a win-win-win for you, WSP and for WSP's clients (existing or new).


Growspark engages WSP employees at all levels of the company, from CEO to project manager, to maximize our acceleration process.

Core Team

Maria Brogren

Head of Sustainability and Innovation. Growspark operations.

Frida Nordquist

Sales Manager WSP Construction Design. Growspark Customer needs.

Joakim Köhler

Multidisciplinary Project Manager. Growspark Intrapreneurial track.

Andreas Helgesson

Department Manager, WSP Systems. Growspark Startup track.

Johan von Porat

Business Developer Sustainability. Growspark Startup track.

Steering Group

Håkan Danielsson


Mickey Johansson

Mickey Johansson

Deputy MD

Eva Aspengren

Eva Aspengren

Finance Director

Arnold Stifors

Arnold Stifors

Executive Director Business Development


Automation of data collection in the authorization process

When new businesses want to start, or existing ones need to be expanded, environmental permits are often needed. During the summer and autumn of 2018, WSP has worked intensively with the startup company Position Green to develop a tool to streamline the data collection for the technical description required in an authorization process.

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